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Cruise Ship Tracker
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Tracking the current cruise ship position nowadays has never been that easy thanks to technology of AIS (Automatic Identification System). This is an automatic system used for tracking cruise ship positions and by vessel tracking services (VTS), locating and identifying cruise ships by AIS data exchange between nearby cruise ships and AIS receiving stations.

This is the’s main page, so for the sake of convenience we offer you these two in-page links to the sea/ocean ships tracker and the river cruise ship tracking section. This way you can skip the AIS ship tracking information and go straight down to the business at matter.

AIS tracking of cruise ships positions

Tracking Cruise Ship Positions through AIS technology

Real-time AIS tracking of cruise ships starts in 2002 when all passenger ships and merchant vessels that are more than 300 gross tons were obliged to install AIS transponders aboard. The new regulation for mounting AIS on all existing cruise ships has been implemented bit by bit.

Technically, the AIS tracking of cruise ship position’s system uses very high frequency (FHV) radio channels to transmit encoded information and localize the current position of cruise ships at sea. The typical range of AIS receiving stations is around 30-50 nautical miles depending on the weather condition.

AIS transponder of each cruise ship transmits AIS messages that are being received by AIS receiving stations located ashore. Transmitted AIS information reports the current cruise ship position, its speed and course over ground. Generally, the cruise ship officer is accountable for setting the cruise ship’s AIS transponder to transmit information like cruise ship name, its dimensions, the type of the cruise ship and estimated time of arrival. However, this kind of AIS information isn’t always correctly entered and it might be outdated.

According to International Maritime Law, it is mandatory for all anchored or moored cruise vessels to transmit their current position at least every three minutes. Cruise ships sailing with speed up to 14 knots are required to transmit their current location every 10 seconds; at up to 23 knots speed, every 6 seconds; and those sailing with speed over 23 knots need to transmit their current position every 2 seconds. Additionally, the static AIS information, like vessel name, its destination and ETA, is being transmitted in separate AIS messages every 6 minutes. This information is used for vessel tracking purposes.

The basic utility of using the AIS technology is facilitating the communication between cruise ships, passenger ships and commercial vessels. The World Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) reported a greater number of ship response after calling a vessel by its name, rarely providing an alteration of the passenger ship course by the give way ship. Here are some comments regarding AIS system of the ARC’s participants:

“AIS tracking of cruise ships has never been that sophisticated. There is also no that effective system than the AIS when it comes to maritime safety.” – John Sandors, Branec IX

“AIS system is of great importance; despite high cost for transmit units and the high power consumption for private yachts, it must be mandatory for all ships, not only passenger vessels and those over 300 tons.” – Antony Langevin, Into the Deep

“I would never leave the port without having AIS-installed onboard my ship. It’s a great system, which enables any cruise ship to be called by its name.” – Megan Rathford, Malmaani.

You can find more info on the Automatic Identification System at this Wikipedia link.

Cruise Ship Tracker

Next are our tables linking to all cruise ship positions. Tracker is using the VesselFinder marine vessel traffic tracking system based on AIS data transmitted from the ships. Each of our pages, besides the general cruise ship information (vessel particulars, details, statistics) additionally has three outbound links. They redirect to differently themed website content. We choose them because of the quality of their data and the regularly updated information we can rely on. These are:

  • – itinerary information and sailing calendars (cruise ship schedules with prices, dates, departure ports and ports of call) and port schedules (grouped by destination). In addition, CruiseMapper has the largest online collection of cruise deck plans (ship decks layout combined with reviews of onboard facilities and services). The website also provides extensive information on cruise staterooms (floor plans, sizes, types/categories, perks and amenities).
  • At CruiseMapper you can also find an impressively big list of river cruise ships. By following the links from that page, you can do AIS tracking of the boats’ locations, check prices, read reviews, compare itineraries, river cruise lines and destinations.
  • Each of our pages also links to the vessel’s official page at the line’s/operator’s website.

Know, that our tables here are open for new entrees. We add new ships available for tracking on a daily basis now. So more names in links will be listed here each time you visit the CruiseShipPosition’s “tracker page”.Tracker - Cruise Ship Position COM

AIDA Cruises



CARNIVAL Cruise Lines


CELESTYAL Cruises / former Louis Cruises

CMV (Cruise and Maritime) ships under charter


COSTA Cruises


DISNEY Cruise Line



Russian icebreaker cruise ships

For more information and current location tracking, see our Icebreaker ships hub page.

Among the polar research and expedition cruise ships with ice-strengthened hulls are:

  • Akademik Shokalskiy
  • Grigoriy Mikheev
  • Lyubov Orlova
  • Marina Svetaeva
  • Polar Pioneer
  • Professor Molchanov
  • Professor Multanovsky
  • Sarpik Ittuk
  • MV Polar Star
  • MV Ushuaia


LINDBLAD Expeditions

MSC Cruises



P&O Cruises (UK, AU)






SAGA Holidays

Scenic Cruises

  • yacht Scenic Eclipse



Star Clippers

STAR Cruises / DREAM Cruises (Hong Kong)

THOMSON Holidays





The following table includes small-sized cruise ships and also vessels from the fleets of smaller lines and companies.


CORAL Expeditions



OCEANWIDE Expeditions

QUARK Expeditions


Japanese & Chinese cruise ships

sailing yachts

Island WINDJAMMERS (sailing ships)

  • Diamant
  • Sagitta
  • Vela

VARIETY Cruises (sail ships, big yachts)

  • ms Galileo
  • ms Panorama
  • ms Panorama II
  • my Absolute King
  • my Callisto
  • my Harmony G
  • my Harmony V
  • my Monte Carlo
  • my Obsession
  • my Pegasus
  • my Variety Voyager
  • sy Christiana VIII


River Cruise Ship Tracker

Follows our list of only river cruise ships tracking their positions on the main waterways of Europe (Russia included) and North America (USA mainly). The river cruising vessels are also listed alphabetically – by the name of their owner company or line/operator.

A-ROSA Cruises


AMERICAN Cruise Lines

American Steamboat Company

AVALON River Cruises

BELMOND (luxury hotel barges in France)

  • Belmond Alouette
  • Belmond Amaryllis
  • Belmond Fleur de Lys
  • Belmond Hirondelle
  • Belmond Napolean


Crystal River Cruises

EMERALD Waterways

EUROPEAN Waterways (hotel barges in France)

  • Absoluut2
  • Anjodi
  • L’Art de Vivre
  • Athos
  • Clair de Lune
  • Enchante
  • Finesse
  • L’Impressionniste
  • La Bella Vita
  • La Belle Epoque
  • La Nouvelle Etoile
  • Magna Carta
  • Nymphea
  • Panache
  • Renaissance
  • Rosa
  • Savoir Faire
  • Scottish Highlander
  • Shannon Princess

GCT (Grand Circle)

  • MS Provence
  • MS Chardonnay
  • MS River Adagio
  • MS River Allegro
  • MS River Concerto
  • MS River Chanson
  • MS River Aria
  • MS Bizet
  • MS Harmony
  • MS Rhapsody
  • MS River Melody

Imperial River Cruises

  • MS Alexander Pushkin
  • MS Princess Anabella
  • MS Chekhov
  • MS Chernyshevskiy
  • MS Dnieper Princess
  • MS Dnieper Star
  • MS Dostoyevskiy
  • MS Fidelio
  • MS Glushkov
  • MS Ivan Bunin
  • MS Kandinsky
  • MS Karamzin
  • MS Lavrinenkov
  • MS Rachmaninoff
  • MS Russ
  • MS Sergey Dyagilev
  • MS T Shevchenko
  • MS Sholokhov
  • MS Stravinsky
  • MS Tchaikovsky

French Country Waterways (hotel barges)

  • Adrienne
  • Esprit
  • Horizon II
  • Princess


  • Amadeus Silver
  • Amadeus Silver II
  • Amadeus Brilliant
  • Amadeus Elegant
  • Amadeus Diamond
  • Amadeus Princess
  • Amadeus Royal
  • Amadeus Symphony
  • Amadeus Classic
  • Rhapsody
  • Amadeus
  • Danubia
  • Mekong Navigator
  • Irrawaddy Explorer

SCENIC Tours River Cruises


TRANSOCEAN Kreuzfahrten

  • Bellefleur (Cruise and Maritime charter)
  • Bellejour (Cruise and Maritime charter)
  • Belvedere (Cruise and Maritime charter)
  • Sans Souci 2 (sail ship)


VIKING River Cruises

(Asia) PANDAW Cruises

  • Indochina Pandaw
  • Kaladan Pandaw
  • Kalaw Pandaw
  • Kalay Pandaw
  • Katha Pandaw
  • Kha Byoo Pandaw
  • Kindat Pandaw
  • Laos Pandaw
  • Mahabaahu
  • Mekong Pandaw
  • Orient Pandaw
  • Pandaw II
  • Rajmahal
  • Sagaing Pandaw
  • Tonle Pandaw
  • Zawgyi Pandaw

SANCTUARY Retreats (cruising)

  • Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer (China)
  • Nile Adventurer (Egypt)
  • Sun Boat III (Egypt)
  • Sun Boat IV (Egypt)
  • Zein Nile Chateau (Egypt)
  • Sanctuary Ananda (Burma)

PAUKAN Cruises (Irrawaddy River)

  • Paukan 1947
  • Paukan 2007

LERNIDEE Trains & Cruises

  • Mekong Explorer
  • Mekong Islands
  • Mekong Sun

CF Mekong River Cruises
(“Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong”)
* Cambodian subsidiary of CroisiEurope

  • RV Indochine
  • Toum Tiou
  • Toum Tiou II

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